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Varuna´s Forces
(never released)

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Fanart Cover
 Entwickler:Accent Media Prod.
 erschienen für:Never released for any system
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Developer´s view:
Paul Fullwood (Founder, President and Chief Operating Officer AMP):
There was a small and rather short effort to develop our property Varuna’s Forces on the SEGA Saturn. Early in the development, SEGA informed us of the upcoming Dreamcast platform and we decided to transfer development to the Dreamcast. The Dreamcast version was officially cancelled when we received information from Bernie Stolar of the impending cancellation of the Dreamcast platform, the 3DO and Jaguar version were similarly become victims of platform cancellations. Leaving only the PC version. The PC version was transferred to JVC as publisher, ultimately JVC itself ran into trouble and we were unable to finance the project.

SEGA Saturn alpha/beta/release candidate:

Jaguar CD YouTube Video by s2325

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